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Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is the first of its kind to hit the Pittsburgh rivers.

Pedal along the scenic downtown Pittsburgh three rivers. These cruises are perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, office team building, a night out with a group of friends and more. The pedal boats can hold up to 14 guests at a time, this can be booked as an individual, small or a private cruise! Listen to some tunes while you sip on your favorite beer or wine and get ready for some fun on the three rivers.

Drink. Pedal. Drift.

Pittsburgh is known for its scenic city view and many local brews, so it only makes sense to add the two together. 2018 will be our first of many years out on the three rivers. USCG licensed captains will be in charge of the vessel and your journey. Each tour fits 14 passengers; 10 pedal stations with additional seating and standing room. Come check us out and book a tour today.

how it all began...

how it all began...

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During a girls’ weekend in Philadelphia, we stopped by a cookie shop for a sweet-tooth fix, but my inner child craved the unbaked dough. We bought a tub of frozen cookie dough — intended for baking — and we passed around the tub, loving every bite and laughing about the lack of cookie dough designed solely for eating in its pure form. 

From there, DŌ was born.

I was in the early stages of developing DŌ when I learned I had a gluten intolerance. My pizza-loving, bread basket indulging and cookie devouring days were behind me — or so I thought. Rather than settling with the restricted gluten-free options in the market, I began my unwavering quest to find a way to eat my favorite gluten-full foods, in a new, gluten-free way. Cookies, and dough, were no exception.

This big city girl with Midwestern roots is on a mission to bring you the best cookie dough you’ve ever had.  I have relentlessly researched, tested and tried ingredients to perfect the recipes of my favorite cookie flavors. I want everyone — regardless of dietary restrictions — to enjoy delicious cookies and cookie dough, brought to you by DŌ.

We hope you enjoy DŌ's spoon-ready deliciousness today!

Signature Chocolate Chip




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